We analyze the risk and reliability of technical systems. This includes infrastructure, the environment, mechanical systems and planning systems - in short, everything that can be described mathematically. In doing so, we follow methods based on the latest scientific findings.

For example, the Bayesian approach allows expert knowledge to be taken into account in the analysis. With our differentiated assessment of measures, we offer our customers well-founded support in making the best possible decisions, maximizing security and optimizing costs.

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risk analysis

  • industrial risks
  • natural hazards
  • tunnel risks
  • traffic risks
  • fire risks
  • airplane crashes

risk acceptance

  • assessment of risks
  • development of risk acceptance criteria
  • classification of risks in the industrial context
  • evaluation of existing risk acceptance criteria

reliability analysis of technical systems

  • availability analysis of technical systems
  • reliability of mechanical systems
  • calculating the reliability of structures under specific challenges
  • Probabilistic fracture mechanics calculations

load modeling

  • update design loads for existing structures
  • impact loads
  • live loads / permanent loads / variable loads

risk-based decision support

  • inspection planning
  • time for renovation


  • statistics
  • reliability
  • risk assessment